A history of christianity on different religions

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World religions

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Atlantic slave trade and abolition

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Religion adds meaning and purpose to the mans of followers, granting them an introduction of the past, an outstanding of the present, and pat for the future. The history of Christianity The primitive church The relation of the early church to late Judaism.

Christian Denominations

Christianity began as a movement within Judaism at a period when the Jews had long been dominated culturally and politically by foreign powers and had found in their religion (rather than in their politics or cultural achievements) the linchpin of their. Christianity rises to the top when you earnestly investigate the other theories, philosophies, movements and religions of the world.

Yes, as hard as it is to hear in our pluralistic world community, Christianity is different than all the others. Religions of the world Menu: Comparing different religions & faith groups. Sponsored link.

Overview: Elsewhere in this web site, we describe the beliefs, practices, history, etc. of dozens of different religions separately. This section compares and contrasts the beliefs and practices of. Christianity is a religion like others, but the difference is in the beliefs.

The biggest difference between Christianity and most other religions was best summed up by Bono not so long ago: “At the center of all religions is the idea of Karma.

The history of Christianity concerns the history of the Christian religion and the Church, from Jesus and his Twelve Apostles and Seventy Disciples to contemporary times. Christianity is the monotheistic religion which considers itself based on the revelation of Jesus Christ.


In many Christian denominations "The Church" is understood. The Big Religion Chart. This "Big Religion Chart" is our attempt to summarize the major religions and belief systems of the world - Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and dozens more - into a quick-reference comparison chart.

A history of christianity on different religions
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Types of Religion: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism