A history of war

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Vietnam War

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Timeline of Wars

🇵🇱The Warsaw Uprising broke out August 1, 🕔. After 5 years of suffering under German occupation, Poles took up arms in a heroic battle against the enemy Soviet forces had reached the banks of the Vistula river in Warsaw, but made no effort to aid the uprising, waiting instead for the city to drown in blood.

history of war War is a contention between two or more states through their armed forces, for the purpose of overpowering each other and imposing such conditions of peace as the victor pleases. In all definitions it is clear affirmed that war is a contest between states. The essential subjects of military history study are the causes of war, the social and cultural foundations, military doctrine on each side, the logistics, leadership, technology, strategy, and tactics used, and how these changed over time.

The deadliest war in history, in terms of the cumulative number of deaths since its start, is World War II, from towith 60–85 million deaths, followed by the Mongol conquests at up to 60 million.

World War II. Coming just two decades after the last great global conflict, the Second World War was the most widespread and deadliest war.

The Art of War

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A history of war
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